Source code for pyvex.lifting.libvex

import logging
import threading
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from pyvex.errors import LiftingException
from pyvex.native import ffi, pvc
from pyvex.types import CLiftSource, LibvexArch

from .lift_function import Lifter

log = logging.getLogger("pyvex.lifting.libvex")

_libvex_lock = threading.Lock()



[docs] class VexRegisterUpdates: VexRegUpd_INVALID = 0x700 VexRegUpdSpAtMemAccess = 0x701 VexRegUpdUnwindregsAtMemAccess = 0x702 VexRegUpdAllregsAtMemAccess = 0x703 VexRegUpdAllregsAtEachInsn = 0x704 VexRegUpdLdAllregsAtEachInsn = 0x705
[docs] class LibVEXLifter(Lifter): __slots__ = () REQUIRE_DATA_C = True
[docs] @staticmethod def get_vex_log(): return bytes(ffi.buffer(pvc.msg_buffer, pvc.msg_current_size)).decode() if pvc.msg_buffer != ffi.NULL else None
def _lift(self): if TYPE_CHECKING: assert isinstance(self.irsb.arch, LibvexArch) assert isinstance(, CLiftSource) try: _libvex_lock.acquire() pvc.log_level = log.getEffectiveLevel() vex_arch = getattr(pvc, self.irsb.arch.vex_arch, None) assert vex_arch is not None if self.bytes_offset is None: self.bytes_offset = 0 if self.max_bytes is None or self.max_bytes > VEX_MAX_BYTES: max_bytes = VEX_MAX_BYTES else: max_bytes = self.max_bytes if self.max_inst is None or self.max_inst > VEX_MAX_INSTRUCTIONS: max_inst = VEX_MAX_INSTRUCTIONS else: max_inst = self.max_inst strict_block_end = self.strict_block_end if strict_block_end is None: strict_block_end = True collect_data_refs = 1 if self.collect_data_refs else 0 if collect_data_refs != 0 and self.load_from_ro_regions: collect_data_refs |= 2 # the second bit stores load_from_ro_regions if self.cross_insn_opt: px_control = VexRegisterUpdates.VexRegUpdUnwindregsAtMemAccess else: px_control = VexRegisterUpdates.VexRegUpdLdAllregsAtEachInsn self.irsb.arch.vex_archinfo["hwcache_info"]["caches"] = ffi.NULL lift_r = pvc.vex_lift( vex_arch, self.irsb.arch.vex_archinfo, + self.bytes_offset, self.irsb.addr, max_inst, max_bytes, self.opt_level, self.traceflags, self.allow_arch_optimizations, strict_block_end, collect_data_refs, px_control, self.bytes_offset, ) log_str = self.get_vex_log() if lift_r == ffi.NULL: raise LiftingException("libvex: unknown error" if log_str is None else log_str) else: if log_str is not None: log.debug(log_str) self.irsb._from_c(lift_r, skip_stmts=self.skip_stmts) if self.irsb.size == 0: log.debug("raising lifting exception") raise LiftingException("libvex: could not decode any instructions @ 0x%x" % self.addr) finally: _libvex_lock.release() self.irsb.arch.vex_archinfo["hwcache_info"]["caches"] = None