Source code for angr.state_plugins.jni_references

import logging

from ..sim_state import SimState
from .plugin import SimStatePlugin

l = logging.getLogger("angr.state_plugins.jni_references")

[docs]class SimStateJNIReferences(SimStatePlugin): """ Management of the mapping between opaque JNI references and the corresponding Java objects. """ def __init__(self, local_refs=None, global_refs=None): super().__init__() self.local_refs = local_refs if local_refs else {} self.global_refs = global_refs if global_refs else {}
[docs] def lookup(self, opaque_ref): """ Lookups the object that was used for creating the reference. """ opaque_ref_value = self._get_reference_value(opaque_ref) # check local refs if opaque_ref_value in self.local_refs: return self.local_refs[opaque_ref_value] # check global refs if opaque_ref_value in self.global_refs: return self.global_refs[opaque_ref_value] raise KeyError( "Unknown JNI reference %d. Local references: %s Global references: %s" % (opaque_ref_value, self.local_refs, self.global_refs) )
[docs] def create_new_reference(self, obj, global_ref=False): """ Create a new reference thats maps to the given object. :param obj: Object which gets referenced. :param bool global_ref: Whether a local or global reference is created. """ # get an unique address opaque_ref = self.state.project.loader.extern_object.allocate() # map the object to that address l.debug("Map %s to opaque reference 0x%x", obj, opaque_ref) if global_ref: self.global_refs[opaque_ref] = obj else: self.local_refs[opaque_ref] = obj return opaque_ref
[docs] def clear_local_references(self): """ Clear all local references. """ self.local_refs = {}
[docs] def delete_reference(self, opaque_ref, global_ref=False): """ Delete the stored mapping of a reference. :param opaque_ref: Reference which should be removed. :param bool global_ref: Whether opaque_ref is a local or global reference. """ opaque_ref_value = self._get_reference_value(opaque_ref) if global_ref: del self.global_refs[opaque_ref_value] else: del self.local_refs[opaque_ref_value]
def _get_reference_value(self, opaque_ref): if self.state.solver.symbolic(opaque_ref): raise NotImplementedError("Opaque reference %s is symbolic." % opaque_ref.to_claripy()) return self.state.solver.eval(opaque_ref) @SimStatePlugin.memo def copy(self, memo): # pylint: disable=unused-argument return SimStateJNIReferences(local_refs=self.local_refs, global_refs=self.global_refs)
[docs] def merge(self, others, merge_conditions, common_ancestor=None): # pylint: disable=unused-argument l.warning("Merging is not implemented for JNI references!") return False
[docs] def widen(self, others): # pylint: disable=unused-argument l.warning("Widening is not implemented for JNI references!") return False
# TODO use a default JavaVM preset # see for reference: angr/engines/ SimState.register_default("jni_references", SimStateJNIReferences)